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Kids Voting North Alaska works with schools and families to support civic education projects throughout Fairbanks.

Community Perspective Project

Letter to the Editor

Letter written by Mrs. Meierotto’s 7th and 8th Grade Class at Effie Kokrine Charter School

What is wrong with the Schools of Choice (SOCs) in Fairbanks? What even are Schools of Choice? They are public charter and magnet schools. These schools aren’t inclusive enough. Historically, only one SOC has a higher percentage of low income families than the district average of 33%. Effie Kokrine Charter School’s percentage of low income families is 64%. All other SOCs range from 7% to 28%. Families want choices. They need SOCs to be more inclusive so that their children can get the education they need and deserve. 

Why is there less diversity in SOCs? Many SOCs have barriers that make it difficult for families to participate, such as transportation, lunch programs, and volunteer requirements. Because SOCs don't have buses, transportation can be a challenge for many families. Some schools of choice don’t have lunch programs and some may require families to put in many volunteer hours. 

Up until this year, Effie was the only SOC to provide bus transportation. Now even they do not have bus service. All SOCs need bus services and lunch programs. This would give more families the option to send their children to SOCs. 

How can you help make SOCs more inclusive? You can encourage the school board to require more equitable policies in SOCs. You can ask the borough assembly and your legislators to increase school funding so the district can afford more buses. More buses means more education and a better future. FNSBSD IS BUSSIN’!